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Zhejiang Feiyan Chemical Fiber Co., ltd, was established in 2010, our predecessor is Zhuji Datang Feiyan Chemical Fiber Factory. Our factory is located in the “Capital of Socks”—Datang Town, Zhuji, Zhejiang. Zhejiang Feiyan Chemical Fiber Co.,ltd is a professional nylon yarn manufacture, who has decades of experience making nylon yarns. During the decades of Feiyan has been established, we are making continuous effort.

1994 +


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Stain resistant

Soft surface

Good uprightness

High elasticity

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Introduction and classification of fancy yarn


Fancy yarn refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by processing fibers or yarns with special raw materials, special equipment or special processes in the process of spinning and thread making. A type of yarn that acts.

What is covered yarn?


Covered yarn, also known as wrapped yarn, is a new type of yarn, which uses filament or staple fiber as the core, and wraps another filament or short fiber sliver. The outer yarn covers the core yarn in a spiral manner. It is characterized by uniform evenness, bulk and plumpness, smooth yarn with less hairiness, high strength and less broken ends.

Do you understand these knowledge of nylon yarn?


The outstanding advantage of nylon fiber is its high abrasion resistance, which is 10 times higher than that of cotton, so its durability is good. Nylon silk is a kind of thread used for weaving. In daily life, it is mainly used to make sportswear, scarves, etc. In medical treatment, it is mainly used to make bandages. Nylon is widely used because of its non-toxicity, light weight, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.