What is covered yarn?

Covered yarn, also known as wrapped yarn, is a new type of yarn, which uses filament or staple fiber as the core, and wraps another filament or short fiber sliver. The outer yarn covers the core yarn in a spiral manner. It is characterized by uniform evenness, bulk and plumpness, smooth yarn with less hairiness, high strength and less broken ends.

Covered yarns are mostly used for knitted fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. They are ideal yarns for high-grade thin wool, hemp fabrics, jacquard double-layer weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. Covered yarns can be spun for both thickness and fine yarns, and most of them are elastic yarns, which are suitable for weaving sports tights, such as swimming suits, ski suits, women's underwear, etc. The covering yarn is selected according to the application, and the appropriate core yarn and outer covering yarn are selected, and the strength is higher than that of any single yarn.