Introduction and classification of fancy yarn

What is fancy yarn?


Fancy yarn refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by processing fibers or yarns with special raw materials, special equipment or special processes in the process of spinning and thread making. A type of yarn that acts.


The variety of fancy yarns is ever-changing, and it is generally composed of core threads, decorative threads and consolidation threads.

The core wire is the skeleton of the fancy wire and the attachment of the decorative wire. Generally, filaments or yarns with higher strength are used as the yarn core;

The fixing wire acts as a reinforcement and is used to fix the pattern, so that the pattern is fixed in the way of production, so as to avoid slippage along the length direction. Most of the fixed lines use thin and high-strength filaments;

The decorative thread reflects the fancy effect, and the fancy of the fancy yarn, such as thick details, circles, small braids, etc., are all expressed through the decorative thread. Decorative thread can be produced from sliver or roving with the same draft but different overfeed (such as loop yarn), or by different draft (such as slub yarn), or filament, with different overfeed to produce (eg knotted yarn). Using two rovings of different colors with different drafts and different overfeeds can produce fancy yarns with varying thickness and color.

Classification of fancy yarns

According to the color and structure of fancy yarn, it can be divided into 3 categories.

The color thread refers to the yarn that mixes colored fibers into the fibers of the base yarn in a certain proportion, so that the yarn presents distinct lengths, color segments of different sizes, and colored dots, such as colored dot lines, rainbow lines, etc. This yarn is mostly used in women's and men's jackets.

Fancy thread is a yarn with various appearance characteristics obtained by using the principle of overfeeding, such as loop thread, slub thread, spiral thread, knot thread, etc. The fabrics woven from such yarns are fluffy, soft, and have good warmth retention. They have a unique appearance and strong three-dimensional sense. They can be used as clothing fabrics and decorative materials. winter clothing.

Special fancy threads mainly refer to gold and silver threads, chenille threads, etc. Gold and silver wires mainly refer to gold and silver wires obtained by sandwiching aluminum sheets between polyester film sheets or attached to polyester films. It can be used both on fabrics and as decorative sewing thread to make the fabric surface shiny and bright. Chenille thread is a special fancy yarn, that is, the fiber is held on a plied core yarn, shaped like a bottle brush, and its soft hand is widely used in flocking fabrics and tassels.

Advantages of fancy yarns

① Fancy yarn fabrics are gorgeous in appearance, colorful, colorful, and highly decorative, which can catch the attention of consumers at the first time;

② Fancy yarn fabrics are diversified and personalized products, which satisfy the consumer psychology of modern urbanites pursuing fashion and individuality;

③ Fancy yarn fabrics are easy to design, because the change of the yarn shape directly affects the appearance of the fabric, so only need to improve the selected yarn, you can present a variety of changes on the fabric, casual and ingenious;

④ The production of fancy yarn fabrics requires no or little post-processing such as printing and dyeing. The process flow is short, the production is simple, and the product sales are also very good, so it is very popular among manufacturers.

Fancy yarns can obtain novel and unique appearance effects by making various patterns and matching various colors.

Because of its special structure, the flexibility of using fancy yarn raw materials is also greater, and it can be natural fibers or chemical fibers; various raw materials can be used alone or mixed with multiple components, which not only achieves The purpose of learning from each other's strengths and complementing each other's shortcomings can give full play to their inherent characteristics. At the same time, because fancy yarn has great potential in color matching and style change, the design and development of its products are basically in a state of free play without technical constraints, which brings infinite possibilities to the application of fancy yarn. Vitality and challenges provide a broad platform for the development of fancy yarn fabrics.

Due to the random combination of multiple colors and shapes in the same yarn strip, when used in fabrics, fancy yarns change the defects of stripes and spots on the surface of the fabric, and make the fabric appearance rich in tone and three-dimensional. powerful. Fancy yarn can be used to process all kinds of yarn-dyed women's yarn, tweed and other clothing fabrics, as well as decorative materials, such as various hand-knitted wool, curtain furniture and other decorative fabrics. The fabrics have prominent patterns and unique styles. Fancy yarns are not only widely used in knitting, but also have great progress in the use of woven fabrics, and the most rapid development in the home textile industry.