"Top Ten Excellent Yarn Suppliers in China" | Feiyan Chemical Fiber: Deeply cultivating the yarn industry for nearly 30 years

Recently, at the 15th China Datang International Hosiery Expo, the results of the online voting of "Top Ten Outstanding Yarn Suppliers in China" were released, and Zhejiang Feiyan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. was listed.

Zhejiang Feiyan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., established in 1994, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in nylon research and development, production and operation and consulting services. The factory covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​35,000 square meters. The company is located in "International Socks Capital"---Zhejiang Zhuji Datang.

In line with the business philosophy of "honesty, customer first", "Feiyan" has established a good brand awareness in the local area, and the "Feiyan" trademark is a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province. Since the establishment of the company, many honorary certificates have come one after another, such as: "Contract-honoring and credit-worthy unit", "Chinese famous brand", "Provincial AAA-level enterprise" and so on. While owning more than ten patents, the company's products have obtained ISO9001 quality certification and OEKO-TEX international environmental protection certification.

At present, the company's main products cover various specifications of POY, DTY, colored nylon hanging thread and spandex covered yarn. Scientific resource integration is the key for "Feiyan" to develop a good product, channel and price marketing strategy; the model of large-scale and one-stop self-production and self-operation is the basis for "Feiyan" to control production, focus on quality, and seek innovation. The factory is equipped with 5 nylon filament POY screw production lines, 7 Seiko 1200 texturing machines, 5 Yuejian 800 texturing machines, 24 double twisting machines, 38 rewinding machines, and 30 yarn wrapping machines. Daily output, POY filament: 20 tons, DTY elastic yarn: 20 tons, colored nylon yarn: 6 tons, covered yarn: 3 tons. In order to maintain the high-quality brand image of the products, the company has set fine factory self-inspection standards. Ex-factory products have undergone strict cleaning, color judging and inspection by specific departments.

For the company's continuous development and growth, Feiyan Chemical Fiber not only has an independent chemical fiber factory in Datang, but also has a sales department in the Datang textile raw material market. And in 2017, "Feiyan" independently established "Zhejiang Xiangxi Import and Export Co., Ltd.", and its products have been exported to more than 30 countries such as Thailand, Russia, and Bangladesh. In order to better provide color-preserving nylon and color customization services, in 2018, "Feiyan" even invested in a professional dyeing factory, with a daily output of 7 tons.